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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the makeup of the NI population?

Are there any travel tips for visitors to NI?

Where does the Administrator of NI live?

What events are held on the island each year?

Who provides weather forecasts for NI?

What do I need to know to establish a NI business?

What ‘social safety net’ facilities are provided?

What should I know about NI tourism?

What public services are available in NI and how can they be contacted?

What restrictions are there on business and new investment in NI?

What does the new immigration policy for NI mean?

What is cost of living like in NI?

How does the island meet its fruit, vegetables, meat and other food needs?

What other community services are available?

I have special food needs. Am I catered for?

What associated health services are available?

What is the situation with sewerage treatment, water and waste management, and power generation?

What do I need to know about pets and vets?

What are my rights for voting in elections?

What postal services are available?

What telecommunications services are available?

What banks operate on NI?

Where is Norfolk Island?

How does taxation work in NI?

Who governs NI?

What sporting clubs are there?

What services clubs, churches, community and counselling services are there?

How much does it cost to buy land / home?

Is there a special ‘Norfolk Lingo’?

What is the climate like on NI?

Is there a public swimming pool on NI?

Is there a taxi service on NI?

Can I buy a vehicle on NI?

Are there the usual rural driving hazards?

Is there a special ‘driving etiquette’?

Is there public transport on NI?

Is there a mothers group on NI?

What health care facilities are there on NI?

What about schooling on NI?

Is there a child care centre for my children?

Are there childbirth facilities on NI?

What shopping facilities are available?

How do I get my furniture and car to NI?

How do I travel to / from NI?

Is NI a safe place for my children?

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