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DNI - Destination Norfolk Island

Who are We?

Here at Destination Norfolk Island (DNI), we are driven by a single goal; to do our part in bringing awareness of this isolated beauty for all to enjoy. This may be a week's holiday or possibly a new lifestyle for those a little more adventurous.

Our focus is to provide information to inform you about the island and to encourage you to make this a must-do place to visit, live or work.

Destination Norfolk Island is a Not-For-Profit organisation formed to educate all peoples, but specifically Australian and New Zealand citizens, about all that Norfolk Island has to offer as a place to live, work and invest, and as a place to holiday. And then to show how easy it is to do so. 

Norfolk's for All Folks

This is an island full of beauty, mystery, history and amazement.  So many bucket lists contain a visit to this stunning place - buy why wait.  Come on over now!  It's just so easy to do!

Emily Bay pontoon
Aerial of Norfolk Island
Convict history
Slaughter Bay
NI kayaking
Kingston convict area
NI Emily Bay beautiful
Crystal Pool
NI Emily Beach chill
Emily Bay Sunset
NI sunset relaxing
NI Hundred acres

A place to chill out


NI sunset relaxing
NI Hundred acres

A place to revisit nature

At your own pace

A place of peace

of Wonder

Emily Bay Sunset

“fit only for angels and eagles”

1788 French explorer La Perouse

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All Videos

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